Papermaking at Tuckenhay Mill

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Profession - 1947 OSP

Reference: Original Society of Papermakers Circular (1947)


It is hereby agreed between the Paper Makers Association of Employers of Carded Labour, Melbourne House, London, W. C. 2, and the Original Society of Papermakers, 86 Calder Road, Maidstone, Kent, following a joint meeting between representatives of the said Association and the said Original Society, held at Melbourne House, London, W.C. 2, on Tuesday 29th October 1946.


As from the 14th day of September 1946, the Members of the Association shall pay to Vatmen, Couchers and Layers inside Vat-house an increase of 6/- per week, or 1/- per day for Six Days, and to Beatermen an increase of 5/- per week, or 10d. per day for Six Days, and to Dryworkers, Finsihers, and Sizers an increase of 4/- per week, or 8d per day for Six days.


Members of the said Society shall receive payment of Four Public Holidays to be chosen by the Management after consultation with the Society in addition to One Week's Holiday with Pay each year. Employees who have been Sick, providing they were not absent for more than Six Months during the year, shall be entitled to the full week's Holiday with Pay.


(a) Members of the Society shall receive an increase of 50% on Extras paid at Vats. This to apply only to those extras negotiated and fixed by the said association and by the Original Society and not to ex-gratia payments made by individual Mills.
(b) The existing payment of 6d. per week for the extra sheet per Post (at Vats) shall be increased by 50%, making the amount payable 9d.


In respect of Washing-uo, this shall be increased to 2/-.


In regard to Apprentices one-half of the increase in payment specified above shall be paid to Apprentices from the date specified above.


It is also agreed between the said Association and the said Society that Wages paid to the Members of the Society shall remain static for a period of Two Years subject to the operation of a sliding scale for the adjustment of said wages on the basis of alterations in the Ministry of Labour Cost-of-living index figure, taking the latest figure issued by the Ministry of Labour as 103%, such sliding scale to operate as follows: "That for each rise of 10 points there shall be an increase of 3d. per day's wok inside Vat-house and 2d. per day's work outside the Vat-house. For each fall of 10 points from the above basis of 103%, or from any point which wages may have reached above that datum line, there shall be a a reduction of 3d. per day's work inside Vat-house and 2d. per day's work outside the Vat-house until the index figure reaches that of 50% above that figure specified for July, 1914"


The said Association and the said society shall be at liberty to request a joint meeting to discuss the position before any rise or reduction in pay for a day's work shall be made. In regard to Apprentices the rise or reduction shall be one-half the rate specified for outside Vat-house."

This Agreement shall be subject to Three Months' Notice given by either the said Association or the said Society in the event of alteration or termination of the sliding-scale arrangement specified above."