Papermaking at Tuckenhay Mill

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People - Later

Reference: I have no written lists of Tuckenhay paper workers dating from after 1921!

But this is a list of people known to have worked in the mill within living memory.

Know anyone else? If so please contact me - via the LINKS tabs - and I'll add them.

Perce Aiston Manager Sammy Aiston Manager
Dennis Brooking (son) Papermaker Sid Capon (1950s) Papermaker
Horace Chalcraft Papermaker Adolphus Cox (cousin of Frank) Papermaker
Frank Cox Papermaker Len Cox (son) Papermaker
Sam Cox (son) Papermaker Ron Eden Papermaker
Albert Finn (father) Papermaker Albert H Finn Papermaker
Cyril F Finn Papermaker Walter Godwin (Father) Papermaker
Walt Godwin (son) Papermaker Harry Gwinnell (went to Wookey Hole) Papermaker
Jimmy Hingston Papermaker John Howard Papermaker
Clive Howard Papermaker Harry Loveland Papermaker
Albert Lynn (father) Papermaker Jack Lynn (brother) Papermaker
Arthur (Old Man) Millbourn Papermaker Alf Parlett ? Papermaker
Geoff Perring Papermaker J Phipps Papermaker
Glibert Richards Papermaker Sid Smith Papermaker
John Stevens Papermaker Perce Willing Engineer
Tom Wakeham Engineer Dick Cann Engineer
? Boyce Paper worker Cliff Brooking Paper worker
Peter Cooper Paper worker Aubrey Elstone Paper worker
Fred Lynn (brother) Paper worker
Bill Isaacs Labourer Frank Basten Labourer
Jimmy Eden Beater Room Sorter Bill Mears Beater Room Sorter
Percy Setter Beater Room Sorter Tom Life Stoker
B. Cooper Rag House Annie Josephine Eden / Finn Rag House
M. Hingston Rag House Annie Grant Rag House
D. Hutchings Rag House E. Kerswell Rag House
S. Knowles Rag House Jack May Rag House
Freda Pine Rag House ? Pine Rag House
Ivy Prince Rag House D. Setter Rag House
C. Scoble Rag House J. Taylor Rag House
Kitty Cox Sorting / Drying / Sizing Vera Clough (Basten) Sorting / Drying / Sizing
Joyce Finn (Basten) Sorting / Drying / Sizing Kath Heath (Isaacs) Sorting / Drying / Sizing
Pearl Wakeham Sorting / Drying / Sizing
W Brock Office Manager Clive Howard Office Clerk