Papermaking at Tuckenhay Mill

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Reference: Original Society of Papermakers Circular (1947)


Since handing the business for the Circular to the Printer the following has come to hand and it has been agreed to incorporate it in this Circular, with permission from Mr. Wellen.

The following letter was received from Wookey Hole on Monday, March 10th:

"This Mills' Co wish the Resolution sent in last July to go out to the Trade for a Vote straight away"

The Committee decided to comply with the wish of this Mills' Coy. and to refresh the minds of the Members we append the entire Resolution as read and endorsed by Wookey Hole Mills' Coy. at the Meeting held at this Mill on the 6th August 1946, attended by the Chairman of Committee (E. W. Sisley) and the Secretary (J. J. Highsted).


"That the Society is now wound up, the feeling being that as the Society is to-day with so few Members, it is of no further use to us, also that negotiations continue with Mr. Spackman (General Secretary of the National Union of Printing, Bookbinding and Paperworkers) with a view to merging with a bigger Union"

This is now the position. It is imperative that the Trade should express its opinion on this matter. Your Committee realise that this is very urgent in view of the condition of the Trade at the present time. Our numbers are decreasing due to the fact that as older Members leave the Trade there are no new Apprentices being taken to fill the vacancies thus created. The question we must all ask ourselves is "Would we be better off under the banner of a bigger Union?" Now is your opportunity to decide. We ask you to Vote on this and let us have your Votes returned in 7 days (Seven days) from the date of receipt of this Circular.

Business from this Circular
Yours sincerely,