Papermaking at Tuckenhay Mill

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Papermaking at Tuckenhay Mill - About

On this website you can find out about Tuckenhay Paper Mill in South Devon, England.

This operated from about 1830 until 1970, and for most of this time manufactured high-quality hand-made paper.

My interest is that my family worked in the paper-making industry for well over a hundred years, and at the mill at Tuckenhay for more than seventy years.

But I know very little about papermaking myself ! So, other than text that appears in italics (like this), which I have written myself ...

... all the information on this website is drawn directly from original sources. These are primarily:

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[2] "Handmade Paper in Tuckenhay Devon" 1977 Catherine Cox
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[4] "Storm in a Teacup" 1919 Eden Phillpotts

[1] is reproduced by kind permission of Richard Evans

[2] is reproduced by kind permission of the estate of Catherine Cox

[3] is an advertising booklet with no copyright asserted

[4] the text of the entire novel is readily available on the internet

UK census data for 1841-1901 is reproduced by permission of the National Archives.

Engravings used to illustrate this website are drawn from [3]

Old photographs & maps on this website were scanned in from originals in the 'family showbox' or are credited where they appear.

Recent photographs on this website were taken by me.