Papermaking at Tuckenhay Mill

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Product - paper

Reference: [1] The Story of Handmade Paper (1924)

Best hand-made writings, drawings and ledger papers, loans, bank notes, cheque papers, old style hand-made printings, velum parchment for deeds, deckle-edged note and envelope papers


Suitable for the highest grade account books.

Made solely by skilled labour, and specially suitable for hard wear and tear for ledgers in constant use.

Carefully sized to stand the strongest inks, and to bear erasure.

Uniform finish, very easy to write upon, and entirely free from hairs.

Every sheet bears the following watermark:-

Stocked in all the usual standard sizes and weights.


are made from carefully selected rags to ensure great cleanliness, and are free from all chemical impurities.

Sized for water colours.

Loans for share certificates.

Bank notes and currency paper - "Security" watermarks a speciality.

Old style hand-made printings, laid and wove, for edition de luxe, antique and smooth surfaces.

Deckle-edged note and envelope papers for high-class stationary. invitation purposes and business circulars.


quality is made as a substitute for parchment, skins and Japanese vellum.

Made from specially selected rags and prepared with extra long fibres to ensure toughness and durability to stand wear and the strain of folding.

Sized by a special process for heavy writing and erasure. The special sizing increases the toughness with age.

The surface is smooth, free from greasiness and felt hairs. Easy to write upon.